On blogging and selfishness

They say, you can never really be a true writer if you are selfish.  I have been thinking for quite a while now if I should start my own blog too like most of my friends who love writing. The dilemma of getting your works published in a blog and that selfish (I admit) feeling of sharing only to a selected few kept boggling me. I am not ready to create a blog. But will my hesitance help? Is blogging really for me,too? Can I separate the love of writing from having my own blog? Most of my friends who love to write have their own blogs already. Some are already pushing me to have one. Not that I was just persuaded that’s why, I’m already here. But deep down, I like this blog thing for the reason that writers can have a certain kind of domain. This personalized and electronic diary so to speak. I love that sense of ownership a blog can give.

I only tend to be spontaneous and transparent with all that  I thought and felt about certain remarkable moments in my life tight locked in my hard drive and unlock the thing only as I please or  whenever I needed a reader or  a couple of audience who will listen or somebody to talk to. But deep down, I really wanted to write. It is life to me. Whew! This is what I really hate with blogging, I don’t like to really be as transparent with who I am. I don’t like to be spontaneous with the public as my audience. I just love to write. I always tend to write about certain emotions that I felt towards an event or some thoughts about something. Probably, I should stick to something not on that context and just write anything that I truly want to share. Not primarily focused on myself. It’s about time to really consider other stuffs. Probably, I can start with posting with some general views.Anyway, I don’t need to plan all that I needed to post here.

I have always been a lover of freedom and of truth. Yes, I’m selfish but I really hope to be true to what I write and with what I want to share.

Yes, I am selfish. But I am me. I am free.